Defining an Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

BCS provides a spectrum of services to help you define an approach to sustainable corporate responsibility that generates net mutual benefits to you and the communities where you work.

Assess Corporate Culture and Current Approaches

BCS works to understand your company’s goals and culture to define a social responsibility approach and strategy that aligns with your business operations.

Identify CSR Models

BCS presents a range of models and options, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each in your organizational context. We also provide many relevant case examples covering a range of intent and outcomes. We help clients choose an approach that is directly relevant and will generate long-term benefits.

Identify the Right Option

BCS provides guidance for your company to select from existing options or tailor a new model that meets your objectives and leads to sustainable, mutually beneficial results.

Implementation and Training

To ensure that your staff and other stakeholders understand the CSR approach, its logic and goals, and how it impacts company operations, BCS provides face-to-face and online training on social accountability tools.

Monitor Effectiveness

BCS provides guidance on monitoring to ensure that the approach you have adopted is achieving the expected results in the companies and communities that you have targeted.

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