Communication Strategies and Services

BCS offers a spectrum of communications services from advising on corporate communications strategies to promote responsive relations with communities to editorial services for written and e-reports.

Responsive Corporate-Community Communications Strategies

We provide guidance to companies seeking to enter into effective dialogue with the communities where they work. BCS draws from a variety of tools to strengthen communications between the client and many stakeholders. We advise on ways to increase transparency and to receive community feedback. BCS has also used a variety of ongoing grievance mechanisms that are designed for accessibility within each local context, so that any issues are addressed long before they form the basis for conflict. Using data collected through our SIAs or providing a stand-alone communications needs assessment, BCS can advise on the most widely relevant, accessible media, modalities and mechanisms for responsive engagement with communities.

Editorial Services

BCS provides a full complement of support and advice on all report writing. From proposal development, to quarterly or annual reports, case studies,project assessments and evaluations, to special studies, our services are available at three levels.

  1. Content editing (substantive, copy editing)
  2. Light grammar reviews and monitoring the coherence of the argument.
  3. Layout, design and use of graphics, charts and tables.

We are particularly experienced in working with texts produced by non-English native speakers.