Community-Company Assessment

To assist large businesses and communities to engage with each other in mutually beneficial ways, BCS founder Dr. A. Rani Parker has developed a unique methodology: Community-Company Assessment (CCA)The inductive methodology and its principles  underpin the BCS approach.

The CCA identifies options for community investment, partnership development, and focus areas for company and community capacity building using a proven methodology.

Ten steps CCA

The ten-step process begins with desk research and then moves to the field for inclusive listening exercises. Listening exercises elicit broad and deep responses that are not pre-structured by questions targeting specific answers.  Rather, BCS invests considerable time to gather information that communities provide willingly.  By listening to many voices, these exercises generate nuanced, complex data that is essential for a strong analysis.



Analysis and Validation

BCS teams analyze and validate the data with stakeholders. This is essential to ensure that the information and analyses are well founded and correctly identify social divisions and connections. The validation exercise ultimately informs practicable actions that reflect community priorities and interests. BCS compares its own analysis with the validated analysis to generate recommendations for action.



Actionable Suggestions and a Social License to Operate

Typically, CCAs have identified actions that will influence employment, the structure of business contracts, infrastructure, local investment, the institutional environment and services. The CCA analysis also suggests actions that facilitate broader participation, include diverse points of view and help build strong relationships among groups that may have a tradition of conflict.

Companies that integrate contributions to local communities into their core operations will increase the long-term value to current and future shareholders, and obtain and retain a strong social license to operate.


An example of BCS implementation of the CCA methodology is the pilot study done in Uganda in 2010  in collaboration with University of Leeds and London School of Economics (LSE) in the UK, the Uganda Wildlife Society and the Water Governance Institute (representing the Civil Society Coalition on Oil), to assess the relationship between Tullow Oil and communities within and in proximity to the company’s current operational area in the Albertine Graben of Uganda. Click here to download full report.