Defining an Approach to Corporate to Social Responsibility

BCS provides a spectrum of services to help you define an approach to sustainable corporate responsibility that generates net mutual benefits to you and the communities where you work.

Social Impact Assessment and Analyses

BCS conducts independent assessments and analyses of social impacts of business operations. We also carry out various related analyses, such as scoping.

Training and E-Learning
BCS has broad experience in conducting training needs assessments, course design, development and evaluation, and train- the-trainer training, to strengthen the capacity of client organizations…

Communication Strategies and Services
BCS offers a spectrum of communications services from advising on corporate communications strategies to promote responsive relations with communities to editorial services for reports.

The BCS core team members have worked in more than 50 countries around the world.

Our Specialization

We undertake analyses and apply the results of our research to benefit clients. Our Applied Research and Analysis services provide a full picture of the broad stakeholder environment so that clients are well informed before undertaking an initiative, making a strategic choice or embarking on an action. We provide tools and propose participatory processes to strengthen community engagement so the clients can obtain and maintain a social license to operate. BCS research and analysis result in practical solutions. Our services include:

  • Stakeholder engagement and analysis
  • Analysis of options for multi-stakeholder initiatives
  • Scoping assessments with institutional analysis
  • Partner analysis to select right partners for implementation and for leverage
  • Participatory tools for use by community members and by companies
  • Social and gender analysis
  • Local context analysis
  • Institutional analysis
  • Social risk analysis and assessment of potential impacts when we conduct socio-economic baselines
Training and Tools Development

BCS offers a variety of training programs including onsite, webinars, e-learning, and hybrid training. Our Training Specialists provide curriculum design, instructional design, facilitation, and pre-and post-training evaluation. We work to develop and improve training presentations, participant materials and facilitators guides. Along with our technical expertise, we provide all the necessary planning and logistics coordination to ensure that training events run smoothly from the small-group to the larger conference settings.

All BCS initiatives have an eye to building capacities to carry out the work we do. BCS training programs focus on the questions most critical to the learner, and are designed for each context. A key part of training involves adapting and using extant tools to fit particular needs. Our training programs include:

  • Stakeholder engagement and analysis
  • Participatory needs and capacities assessment
  • Participatory monitoring and evaluation for companies and communities
  • Building community capacities for negotiating with companies
  • Community-company relations assessment
  • Social and gender analysis

BCS develops tools for your specific needs in all areas of our research spanning the entire project cycle in community engagement. Our tools help clients address issues systematically and incorporate many points of view. Our tools include:

  • Grievance mechanisms
  • Community scorecards
  • Consensus building
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Opportunity ranking
  • Stakeholder analysis

BCS uses proven participatory monitoring and evaluation methods to conduct reviews and assessments. These methods provide reliable data and analysis and can contribute to bringing about change based on participation in reviews and assessments.

Reviews and Assessments

BCS reviews and assessment cover a wide array of community-based work. We review and assess such plans and ongoing activities as:

  • Community development programs in health, education, economic development, micro-finance, livelihoods, and others.
  • Monitoring initiatives—review and recommend improvements and set up monitoring systems.
  • Corporate-community engagement—we use a unique tool for assessing engagement.
  • Stakeholder engagement—review existing plans, help develop new plans.
  • Technical studies such as social impact assessments or scoping reports that others have generated.
  • Community foundations—their strategy, operations and results.
  • Corporate and other community investments.
  • Other technical studies to ensure that your plans take social issues and measures into account effectively.