BCS Founder


A. Rani Parker, Ph.D.

Dr. Rani Parker specializes in corporate-community investment. She founded BCS in 2004 to practice alternative forms of development that emphasize direct engagement. Her methodology, which supports locally identified priorities, local leadership and multi-directional accountability, has been proven in over ten years of practice in more than a dozen countries. Dr. Parker’s experience in international development and in-depth research on corporate-community relationships, spans the public, private business, and civil society sectors. She has helped organizations assess the social impacts of their operations, facilitate dialogue with stakeholders through direct engagement, and design and implement policies and programs that enhance business-community relationships. Her central philosophy is that direct relationships between globally oriented international businesses and local communities both reduce corporate business risk and enhance local community development. 

Dr. Parker’s international development career evolved from grassroots work in India to economic development programs in West Africa to gender analysis in the Middle East, and eventually to participatory evaluation and partnership building across many regions of the world. As Director of Woman/Child Impact programs and Chief Advisor at Save the Children USA, she formed and led multi-national teams of development practitioners who have been recognized with international development awards for their work in capacity building and social and gender analysis of programs in health, education and economic opportunity. 

She has also consulted with organizations such as Care USA, Business for Social Responsibility, The Centre for Development and Population Activities, The Salvation Army World Service Office, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, UNICEF and the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). Her early work on gender analysis, Another Point of View, has been translated into five languages and is widely used for community-based gender analysis in developing countries. Her most recent work, a 2018 study of the impact of multi-stakeholder engagement on communities in Western Uganda, is available through info@bcsynergies.com .