Community Investment

As companies invest in localities where they operate, they want, increasingly, to go beyond threshold legal requirements and to make a lasting and positive impact. They call upon BCS for advice on investing corporate funds strategically and in a sustainable manner.

Community investments can satisfy legal requirements that address security, local content and other obligations, and also contribute significantly and directly to benefit localities.

Funds may cover a broad range of activities including but not limited to:

  • Promoting local economic development
  • Strengthening local education and training for youth, young children, adults
  • Supporting strategic health interventions, such as HIV prevention or child immunization
  • Providing opportunities for traditionally disadvantaged groups such as poor women or ethnic groups
  • Developing sustainable livelihoods

BCS Work in Community Investment

BCS works with corporate clients and with the World Bank Group to determine how communities can benefit most effectively from the extraction of natural resources. Our work has covered various aspects of this multi-phase process, from the innovation of creating a community development foundation, to identifying opportunities for establishing productive partnerships to, institutional analysis, training and planning for community investment among other related advisory services.