BCS provides services through a distinguished senior-level team with decades of applied research, evaluation and training experience in over 100 countries. Clients benefit from this worldwide network of international, multi-disciplinary professionals.
Our core services are community investment, impact assessments and analyses, capacity development and special studies. Gender and partnerships are cross-cutting themes that are considered in all our work.

Gender and Partnerships

Addressing Gender

Gender differences are well-established as a critical window into various social diversities and stratifications that influence impact outcomes. BCS has a long history of doing gender analyses and gender is explicitly addressed in all of BCS’s work. Gender is relevant across cultures, education and economic levels, and is a practical entry point for understanding any social context.

BCS typically works in collaboration with external experts as well as local partners. Our partners work with us over a long period of time and enable mutual learning. Examples of such partners are:
Maendeleo ya Jamii (MYJ) in Uganda,, who we have worked with for ten years. MYJ draws on many of BCS’s core methods and tools. They have adapted our work and developed innovations that have successfully served the Ugandan context.
HHB & Associates Limited, in Trinidad, a market research firm. Since 2009 BCS and HHB have partnered on projects associated with oil and gas in Trinidad and trained each other on our different approaches to our work. HHB’s market analysis approach and BCS’s personalized community engagement approach have combined to strengthen us as one team.