Impact Assessments and Analyses

BCS conducts independent assessments and analyses of social impacts of business operations. We also carry out various related analyses, such as scoping to determine the size and scope of an assessment, stakeholder analyses, community engagement and investment strategies, social risk mitigation and social impact assessment. BCS uses a wide range of tools and data to conduct these assessments. Our core methodology is the Community-Company Assessment (CCA), an inductive and participatory data gathering and analysis process that directly responds to the unequal playing field, which characterizes many development contexts. Our framework for progress is the Spectrum of Community-Company Engagement.

Social Impact Assessments (SIA) represent the majority of BCS’s work. Data from these comprehensive assessments serve as the foundation for almost all aspects of a corporate social performance strategy. BCS has carried out SIAs in on- and off-shore oil and gas contexts, in horizontal drilling contexts, in mining settings and in the development of an LNG export site. We have worked in the U.S., as well as in many developing countries. As depicted in the pictures above, a key characteristic of all these studies is the full engagement of corporate and community participants, as required by the CCA methodology.

Since SIAs are usually done under confidentiality agreements, they are not available for review. If interested, please contact BCS directly at