Why BCS?

BCS is recognized for its successes: nominated and selected as one of a handful of small firms among the top 100 minority-owned businesses in the Mid-Atlantic States. BCS offers a strong team of experts and unique methodology in the management of corporate engagement at local, national, regional and international levels. Our consultants have worked with a wide range of international organizations, including governments, United Nations agencies, the World Bank, USAID, universities, and non-governmental organizations. BCS’s solutions are always tailored to the needs, aspirations and culture of each client to produce the best company- and industry-specific results.

Constructive and peaceful community engagement

BCS applies a disciplined, business-community engagement strategy, developed by its founder, Dr. Rani Parker, to assist large businesses to engage constructively with communities in ways that are mutually reinforcing and that generate net benefits to both. Successfully utilized by large companies worldwide, the qualitative and quantitative BCS strategy includes appraising measurable factors that influence company and community cultures, as well as how they affect each other.

Comprehensive approach

BCS evaluates a wide range of factors by consulting with community members who are often left out of formal data gathering. More information on our unique methodology is available in the methodology page.
Throughout data collection, verification, and analysis, which involves inclusion and participation across ages, classes, genders and ethnicities in communities and companies, BCS is able to provide recommendations developed from a profound understanding of the current realities within each context. The company’s plans in given contexts are also systematically linked with similar efforts being pursued by national governments and multilateral agencies, to the benefit of all parties involved.

Implementation and progress monitoring

BCS will also help implement actions and assess progress so that clients are fully guided in the best way to be demonstrably profitable and responsible – both for company and society. In places where traditional forms of international “aid” have been largely ineffective,BCS’s strategy is especially successful for two reasons: (a) the special expertise of the corporate sector is harnessed and (b) the deep understanding that local communities have of their own circumstances is fully tapped.

BCS will help your company:

  • Add competitive edge through understanding of context and community
  • Build brand value
  • Foster customer loyalty
  • Improve relations and reputation among stakeholders
  • Enhance financial performance and access to capital
  • Reduce opportunity and operating costs
  • Manage risk more efficiently
  • Gain long-term return on investments
  • Attract and retain a quality workforce
  • Increase productivity, morale and worker commitment
  • Improve decision-making on critical issues
  • Ensure long-term sustainability for itself and the communities within which it operates