Who We Are

BCS is a network of experts located around the world who are seeking to equalize power relations and enable a level playing field for the many actors affected by natural resources extraction, so there is net mutual benefit for companies and communities. BCS has its foundations in international development practice in the nonprofit sector—a context where relationships between donors and recipients begin and remain unequal.

Our work builds on the World Bank Group’s Extractive Industries Review (2004) and the industry’s Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development study (2000-2002), and therefore has focused largely on natural resource extraction.

We contribute to the expanding global consensus that large corporations must be socially responsible and significantly benefit the areas from which they extract natural resources.

Our clients seek us out repeatedly, affirming the value of our services. BCS is recognized for its successes: nominated and selected as one of a handful of small firms among the top 100 minority-owned businesses in the Mid-Atlantic States.

We use creative and inductive techniques to transform host community challenges into self-sustaining drivers of corporate profitability and community development.

Our Business Model

Each BCS project or initiative is managed by a team of experts with deep experience who can provide a variety of lenses on the subject of the project. Team members return to other work when a project is complete.

Consultants and Organizational Collaborators

Consultants and organizations choose to work with us because of:

  • The high quality of team members
  • The multi-disciplinary teams
  • The focus on listening
  • The rigorous analysis
  • The bias in favor of marginalized groups
  • The core BCS Principles